About Us

Well, about me...

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am the creator & grower, working hard behind the scenes here at The Sweetest Petal.  

I was born with a love for all flowers, and my friends and I drew them all over our school books. One of those friends drew the beautiful logo you see on your punnet of The Sweetest Petal edible flowers.  

Having spent my younger years growing up on farms in the southern Cape of South Africa, I didn’t live in a house without a dedicated fairy garden somewhere near to my bedroom window. Fairy Igloo style homes made out of mud cakes and little fairy benches made out of sticks. My time was always spent outdoors.

The decision to throw myself into something that truly excited me came hard and fast after popping into Bittersweet Bake, in Mosman Park, Perth. The tiny little bakery that had a fridge full of floral baked glory.

I was so inspired to grow the blooms used in these amazing creations, I immediately dug up the 25sqm of a planted veggie garden I had entrenched into the beach-sand my rental property was built upon. Never-mind the ‘rented’ part. I would sort that out later.

I promptly enrolled in a permaculture course, and a few other more complicated ones, to get an idea of the theory behind what I had already somewhat taught myself how to do.

The fascination has only grown to become all-consuming and the absolute obsession to master the art of consistently producing incredible, hand sown and grown edible flowers, with environmentally sustainable and biodynamic practices at the forefront of it all.

The Sweetest Petal was born.

I’ve dived in feet first and I appreciate your the support in helping me share this dream.