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Gorgeous edible blooms

Dirty martini? Nup. Try GORGEOUS martini!

Fresh. Hand Picked. Organic. Local

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Bring the glam with a touch of fresh, fully organic and hand-picked edible blooms from The Sweetest Petal. Make your cake, dessert or cocktails something truly Insta-worthy.  

From our community of creators;

'Delicious and absolutely gorgeous!'


From our community of creators;

'Beautiful flowers! I love decorating my cakes with these.'


From our community of creators;

'A fabulous way to add an extra something to any occasion.'


From our community of creators;

Everyone was so impressed with the fresh edible flowers. They added a beautiful touch and lasted fresh all night :)


Thanks to our love of cooking shows (and Instagram!), edible blooms are trending hot right now. The Sweetest Petal promises hand-picked, fresh and 100% chemical free edible flowers for your picture perfect creation.

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