Can I grow my own edible flowers?

Inspired to grow your own edible blooms? You can! Growing your own flowers can be fun, challenging, and very rewarding. 

Just remember you are growing food, and every step of the process should be chemical free to ensure your creations are safe to eat.

A few of the most common edible flowers can be found in your garden at home:

Marigolds – these warm coloured beauties are usually in abundance over the summer time. An easy to grow & cheap alternative to saffron.
With a citrus aftertaste, a great way to yellow rice and garnish curries.

Alyssum – common to most gardens and available year round. It tastes similar to that of Kale. Try adding those to your omelettes, salads or soups.

Begonia (x tuberhybrida) – has brightly coloured flowers with a light lemon taste and crisp texture. Perfect addition to picnic sandwiches.

Fuschia flowers – the captivating pinks, purple and red colours, sharp-edged shapes, and textures of the fuschia flowers make them super eye-catching! They can be suspended in jellies or placed in a fruit salad with their health benefits an added bonus.

Chive blossoms – white, delicate blooms that shoot through a mature chive plant, is a great way to add the herb to your dishes!

At The Sweetest Petal there are more than 40 (and counting) types of edible flowers. All grown from heirloom seed sourced from a well-known organic seed provider.