A brief history of edible blooms

The use of edible flowers in our everyday meals has gained increasing popularity in Perth. It can be a creative and natural way of adding lively flavors, colors & textures to our culinary creations.

Studies have found people have tendencies to eat with their eyes, and the inclusion of edible flowers to a dish takes anything from ordinary to extraordinary!

Ever had a difficulties feeding fussy eaters? Children with colour toned eating habits? Try adding some edible flowers.

The difference between edible flowers and decorative flowers (from the florist) is the commitment to organic growing practices which avoid using chemicals to artificially prevent weeds and bugs from appearing.

Flower cookery has a long history, dating as far back as 3000BC.

In ancient China and perhaps still today, the Peony flower was considered to be a symbol of romance and prosperity. Peony water was considered to be a delicacy; today we use the petals to add a hint of floral flavour or garnish luxurious delights.

Flower cookery became especially popular in the Victorian era. In Rome, rose petals and violas were used in their baking and lavender as an ingredient to the savoury gravies.

You can keep this long history alive by adding The Sweetest Petal's edible blooms to your cakes, cocktails and other creations today.